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Michael Wachs

With the short life span of NYC hotspots, there is only one man whose work in pioneering security and safety has been able to bring Manhattan back to life…literally.  Michael Wachs, President and Founder of Royale Security, New York City’s newest exclusive event security company, has been saving lives of social climbers since age 17.

Enrolling in business classes as a freshman student at Hofstra University, Michael wanted to do more than study and party like his college counterparts and got a job working the graveyard shift on a busy “911” ambulance in the heart of midtown manhattan.

Developing an ardor for saving lives, Michael realized something was missing while out with friends at a trendy NYC club – safety.  Fusing his three passions; business, safety and a love for nightlife, Michael founded Assured Protection in 1999, a company that provides on-site medical and first aid services to the Nightlife, Special Event and Entertainment industries.  It wasn’t long before Michael realized the immediate need to replace the common-place, dime-a-dozen “bouncer” with a more polite, articulate, well-mannered professional.  From that vision Royale Security was born.

With 12 years in the making, Michael is able to hand pick and cultivate many well known security professionals through his prestigious security and safety training center and has built a following amongst New York City’s nightlife and entertainment industries, including hotspots like Pacha, Greenhouse, Ajna Bar, The Xchange and Open House Gallery in addition to red-carpet events such as the Sundance and Tribeca Film Festivals, Fashion Week, and many movie premieres.  Leveraging on the relationships he built from scratch, Michael was able to expand his rapidly-growing roster with another notable division of Royale – Private Client Services which cater mostly to A-list Celebrities and high net worth individuals.

With his inimitable sense of safety and attention to clientele comfort, Michael offers his clients not only the best security professionals around, but ones with an extra skill – the ability to save a life.  All of Michael’s security staff are trained and certified in CPR and First Aid, and has provided care and comfort to literally thousands of people over the last decade.  Michael provides an added value no other company in NYC offers.

With the experience he gained in the high-profile events industry running Assured Protection, Michael parlayed his medical and safety expertise into a brand new high-quality, high-fashion entity called Royale Security. Delivering a service that is unparalleled in the industry today, it’s no wonder Michael has become the “go-to” guy for security and safety in the nightlife, entertainment and special event industries.

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